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Upcoming Humble Bundle subscription library changes axe Mac and Linux support

Starting in February, Mac and Linux versions will no longer be offered to Humble Choice subscribers.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

January 14, 2022

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Humble's upcoming debut of a new launcher tied to its Humble Choice subscription service has an unexpected casualty: the service's years-long support for non-Windows games.

Starting on February 1, Humble Choice's subscription library will no longer allow its subscribers to download Mac or Linux versions of the games hosted within.

Since all games in subscribers' "Humble Trove" library are DRM-free, any installed before that date will still be playable after support ends, so long as each is downloaded prior to the full switch.

The end of Mac and Linux support seems to be part of the Humble Choice changes announced earlier this week, but was noticeably absent from the blog post announcing other features like the new Windows-only launcher, simplified membership pricing, and the shift from the Humble Trove library to the Humble Games Collection and more indie-centric Humble Vault.

Instead, current subscribers were notified via email that they'll want to download any Mac or Linux games from the Humble Trove before they vanish for good at the end of the month. The email, shared in the Humble Bundle subreddit this week, adds that the "Windows PC versions of many of these games will still be available to download in the upcoming Humble App."

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