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THQ Nordic picks up rights to Alone in the Dark and Act of War

THQ Nordic continues the acquisition spree that recently nabbed the company the rights to games like _Kingdoms of Amalur _and Timesplitters.

September 19, 2018

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THQ Nordic’s acquisition spree shows no signs of stopping. The company has announced that it has acquired the rights to both Alone in the Dark and Act of War from Atari Europe for an undisclosed sum.

The purchase follows a long string of acquisitions that have made the combination developer and publisher’s franchise portfolio over 100 games strong, including the very recent acquisition of series like Kingdoms of Amalur and Timesplitters.

The Infogrames-developed series Alone in the Dark got its start in 1992 and saw six total games released by a handful of developers between then and its most recent 2015 release Alone in the Dark: Illumination. The series also inspired a handful of comic books and movies along the way. 

Act of War, meanwhile, is a real-time strategy series created by Steel Division developer Eugen Systems in the mid-2000s and published by Atari. Both acquisitions grant THQ Nordic ownership of all related assets, intellectual property, and publishing rights the duo of franchises. 

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