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The Behemoth: Castle Crashers Leaderboards Hit 700k, Next Game's Platform Undecided

Talking to Gamasutra, Castle Crashers producer John Baez tells us the hit XBLA game now has 700,000 users on leaderboards, but platforms "have yet to be decided" for his newly unveiled game.

March 31, 2009

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Indie studio The Behemoth (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers) has carved out an incredibly well-defined niche for itself, thanks largely to its games' retro 2D gameplay and striking artwork by Dan Paladin. It recently revealed its next console game prototype via a teaser trailer and a Japanese public show appearance. Beyond definitely looking like a Behemoth game, few details are known about the project -- but producer John Baez answered a few questions for Gamasutra, including the fact that the studio is a registered developer for not only Xbox Live Arcade, but also PlayStation Network and WiiWare. Previously, the studio released Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade. Still, the added certifications don't mean the next game is multiplatform -- "Platforms have yet to be decided," Baez was sure to note. The un-named game was recently unveiled at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, but Baez said The Behemoth's attendance was more due to the opportunity for playtesting than specifically for marketing. "We don't go to trade shows to unveil our works," he said. "We go to get feedback from players to judge our assumptions about what has been created so far. It is inevitable that by presenting it to the public the press will pick up on it, so we cut a trailer to make things easier for everyone." As far as the game itself, Baez confirmed that it is a multiplayer title, with a single-player mode, but he did not go further into detail. Existing reports, as well as the debut trailer, suggest it contains a number of mini-games. The next game isn't planned for release until some time next year, but the recent success of Castle Crashers should tide the company over until then. Asked whether the title is intended to find a broader audience than The Behemoth's previous work, Baez argued that breadth of players shouldn't be a problem. "Castle Crashers seems to have broken every record we could find on XBLA, so its acceptance to the larger console audience is self evident," he said. "We have over 700,000 people on leaderboards and the game was only released six months ago! We hope our exciting new game will break Castle's records."

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