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Taito Announces Digital Download System For Arcades

Japanese arcade manufacturer Taito has debuted a digital distribution system, allowing arcade operators to swap games via Internet connection, without the need for new hardware.

Simon Parkin, Contributor

September 13, 2010

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At the recent 48th Amusement Machine Show in Chiba, Japan, arcade manufacturer Taito has revealed NESiCAxLIVE, a new digital distribution system for amusement arcades. As with current distribution systems for PC and console, Taito aims to store games on its own remote servers in a data center, with arcade operators able to download title direct to their cabinets via an internet connection. Currently, arcade operators must purchase the physical PCBs of any title they want to run. Taito says the NESiCAxLIVE system provides operators with access to a backlog of titles which can be switched in and out according to player demand. The company also says that there will be a facility to store copies of games on a local server for quicker distribution to cabinets. Nine companies are supporting the system, including SNK Playmore and Cave. The first title to be distributed via the system will be Arc System Works' BlazBlue Continuum Shift II. At the show, Taito signaled its intention to develop the system into one where players can select the content they want to play.

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