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Serious Heist: British Thieves Make off with Truckload of Games

<a href="http://www.theregister.co.uk/">The Register</a> is reporting that, for the third time since December, thieves in Britain have stolen a truck full of computer games.

Game Developer, Staff

April 5, 2001

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The thieves appear to be targeting trucks left unattended. The most recent theft involved a shipment of 4,000 Serious Sam games, due for release in Europe on April 13, which the European Leisure Software Publishers Association valued at around £120,000 (approx. $170,000). The previous incidents involved thefts of PC and Playstation games. The first two thefts took place at service stations, the first near Cannock, Staffordshire, and the second at Bedworth, north of Coventry. Most recently, the "attackers," as ELSPA refers to the thieves, struck in Gailey, Staffordshire, just a mile west of the first theft. ELSPA is asking for help in catching the thieves, and offering a reward for information leading to their capture.

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