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Sega, Creative Assembly Extend Total War Franchise To Napoleon

Sega-owned The Creative Assembly said this week it is developing Napoleon: Total War, the latest in the studio's line of top-tier PC strategy games, due in 2010.

Kris Graft, Contributor

August 21, 2009

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Total War developer The Creative Assembly said this week it is working on Total War: Napoleon, the next installment of the well-received PC strategy game series. Sega, which purchased The Creative Assembly in 2005, also published Empire: Total War, based on colonial America, and 2008's Medieval II: Total War. Sega said Napoleon will once again have land and naval battles, and host three different story campaigns, taking players through an interactive portrayal of the battles of the French military leader. The Total War series regularly achieves strong critical reception. Empire: Total War, for example, is earning a 90 percent review average on Metacritic. Medieval II: Total War logged an 88 percent review average. Despite being a deep, hardcore PC strategy franchise, the last installment, Empire: Total War apparently performed well commercially, as it topped all-platform charts in the UK in March this year, and PC-specific charts in the US. "In Napoleon: Total War you get to actually be Napoleon -- to face the problems he faced, to win the battles he won, and to build the Empire he built. Or better," said Mike Simpson, creative director at The Creative Assembly. "However, the game allows you to step in the shoes of his opposing generals as well, allowing the player to rewrite history as they see fit."

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