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SCEE: UK PS3 Launch Info 'Next Week,' Euro PS3 Launch In March

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told Gamasutra that UK PlayStation 3 launch details will be coming early next week, in addition to clarifying a pair of recent reports regarding its European launch, still planned for a March launch at €499 and €599.

January 17, 2007

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Author: by David Jenkins, Brandon Boyer

Clarifying a pair of recent reports regarding the European launch of the PlayStation 3, representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have told Gamasutra that the company is still planning a March launch at €499 and €599. A recent update to the official PlayStation website for the Republic of Ireland gave details of a new, higher price for the PlayStation 3 console – with an increase of €30 ($39) on previously announced figures. The website indicates that the 60GB PlayStation 3 bundle will be priced at €629.99 ($814) – more than the previously indicated price of €599 ($774). The version of the console with a 20GB hard drive is indicated to cost €529.99 ($685), also €30 more than previously suggested, but will not be available for launch in Ireland. Speaking to Gamasutra, representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said that the pricing for Ireland would not be reflected across all European countries, adding "the price for PS3 in Europe is still €499 and €599 respectively. The higher price for the 60GB model in Ireland is purely down to their local rate of VAT, which is 21 percent." In addition, although Sony has still yet to provide firm launch date specifics for Europe, a new interview with Sony CEO Howard Stringer at technology site CNET News seemed to give information conflicting earlier, more generally accepted dates. When asked about the specific goals for PlayStation 3 in 2007 as part of a wider discussion on Sony's strategy, Stringer's answer, apart from reiterating the company's goal of 6 million units in the first quarter of the year, made specific note of "the European launch in April." In response, representatives told Gamasutra that SCEE president David Reeves "has confirmed again today that we are still on course for a March release." They added that "Sony are planning an announcement about the UK PS3 price and release date early next week."

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