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PhysX Integrated Into Gamebryo Engine

The Wii version of multiplatform game engine Gamebryo now includes integrated PhysX middleware support, with developer Gamebryo also claiming various improvements.

Chris Remo, Blogger

March 9, 2009

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Emergent Game Technologies' Wii implementation of its Gamebryo engine now includes Nvidia PhysX technology, the two companies said today. The announcement of support for the PhysX middleware SDK applies to both the core Gamebryo engine as well as the recently-announced Gamebryo LightSpeed rapid prototyping and feedback development tool. Gamebryo already includes PhysX support in its PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 development environments. Gamebryo is a multiplatform engine and development environment. To supplement the addition of PhysX integration to the Wii version, Emergent has added additional texture format support and artist tool export types, better resource utilization tuned for Wii, and an expanded Emergent Terrain editor and run-time. The company also notes that projects originally specced for other platforms using Gamebryo can be "easily re-targeted" for Wii due to various automatic optimization features. Said Nvidia content relations VP Roy Taylor, "The response we’ve gotten from the development community since we first began working with Emergent has been incredible. The titles being developed using PhysX and Gamebryo are going to set the benchmarks for achievement in game development." Emergent claims its Gamebryo environment has been used in the creation of more than 250 shipped games, with another 150 still under development.

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