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OneBigGame Announces Charity Publishing Label

Guerrilla Games (Killzone) co-founder Martin de Ronde has announced OneBigGame, a non-profit video game publisher dedicated to raising money for children's charities around the world, with multiple studios signed on and more company and individual

Simon Carless, Blogger

March 1, 2007

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Guerrilla Games (Killzone)co-founder Martin de Ronde has announced OneBigGame, a non-profit video game publisher dedicated to raising money for children's charities around the world. According to an initial statement from OneBigGame, a number of game developers have already pledged their support, including designers such as Charles Cecil (Revolution Software), Eric Zimmerman (Gamelab) and Ernest Adams (International Hobo), as well as development studios such as Avalanche Studios, Relentless, Kuju and Freestyle. OneBigGame will officially go public at GDC in San Francisco next week, as it will be looking to extend its relationship with the development community to create games content for the initiative. Based in Marin County, California and officially incorporated as a public benefit organization, OneBigGame is supported by an advisory board of 16 individuals representing the many different disciplines that exist within the industry. The idea for OneBigGame is based on the belief that the videogames industry, one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, with its vast creative resources and through the tremendous impact it has on popular youth culture, is perfectly placed to raise funds for charity as well as raise awareness among youth audiences for the causes it supports. "OneBigGame is basically a global platform that will allow game developers to use their creative resources to do something good for the world", explains Martin de Ronde, formerly co-founder of Guerrilla Games and responsible for the OneBigGame initiative. "So far, industry response has been tremendous", he commented. "Over the past months, we have been conducting informal talks with a wide variety of games industry people, and we are confident the development community is ready for a large scale industry wide charity initiative." For more information on the initiative or for appointments at GDC, interested parties can visit the OneBigGame website.

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