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New GURPS Online Portal Launched By Steve Jackson, Worlds Apart

Steve Jackson Games and Worlds Apart Productions have launched a web site for their upcoming suite of GURPS Online products.

Game Developer, Staff

January 22, 2003

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The site, at http://www.gurpsonline.com, gives a glimpse of what the two firms have planned for their online games. The new site is a portal for playing GURPS-based role-playing games online. The games are being developed by Worlds Apart Productions in partnership with Steve Jackson Games. Some games will be staff moderated, some will be unmoderated, and in true GURPS fashion, the plan is to give players the ability to take characters from one gameworld to another (although the companies have acknowledged that they haven't yet determined how that will be done). The two initial games being developed for online play are Old West and Transhuman Space. GURPS ("Generic Universal Role-Playing System") is a highly flexible RPG system, originally designed and published by Steve Jackson Games 16 years ago, which has one common set of rules that can be used in a wide range of game universes.

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