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NeuroSky Releases Free SDK for Brainwave-Sensing Gaming Device

Technology developer NeuroSky has released a free development kit for MindSet, a head-mounted interface device that allows users to control serious game elements with brainwave activity and facial movements.

Danny Cowan, Blogger

September 8, 2009

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NeuroSky, Inc., a developer of human brain-to-computer interface technology, announced that its MindSet Development Tools SDK is now available as a free download from its NeuroSky Store. The Mindset Development Tools allow developers to create software that can be used with NeuroSky's MindSet hardware. MindSet is a head-mounted device that enables users to control video game elements through a combination of brainwave activity and facial movements. Developers at NeuroSky released the software as a free download in response to requests from developers of serious game applications. "In addition to questions about developing entertainment applications, we regularly receive requests from people who want to know if our technology can be used for ADD/ADHD, games for health, sports training and a number of others," said NeuroSky communications Manager Tansy Brook. Brook continues: "We are currently working with a number of partners like the Serious Games Institute in the UK, who are sponsoring beneficial games applications, but we decided to make the MTD free to expand the opportunities for both Corporate and Independent Developers. With the right partners the possibilities for this technology are endless." Applications developed using the MindSet Development Tools SDK are distributed digitally through the iTunes App Store-like NeuroSky Store, as well as through traditional distribution channels.

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