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Massive: Brand Familiarity Jumps 64% With In-Game Ads

Microsoft owned in-game advertising network Massive has released the results of Nielsen-conducted research on the impact of dynamic in-game advertising, showing big boosts in brand metrics for the tech, automotive, fast food and consumer packaged goods in

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

August 8, 2007

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Microsoft owned in-game advertising network Massive has released results of research conducted by Nielsen Entertainment on the impact of dynamic in-game advertising. According to the study, which was executed across several categories, ad campaigns from blue-chip brands who ran ads on the Massive network "significantly improved key brand metrics" between control and test groups. The study found that average brand familiarity increased 64 percent as a result of the advertising, while average brand rating increased 37 percent. The study also found a 41 percent increase in average purchase consideration. The results additionally showed a 41 percent increase in average ad recall, and a 69 percent increase in average ad rating. Other advertiser categories examined in the study included automotive, consumer packaged goods, quick-service restaurants and technology tools. Category-specific findings showed a 69 percent increase in purchase consideration among likely car buyers, while 71 percent of those who considered advertised snack foods a "cool" brand increased their purchase consideration - notably, the study showed a 63 percent rise in this category among the "key" demographic of 18 to 24 year-old males. Massive says quick-service restaurants saw a 39 percent improvement in ad rating among survey respondents who "liked it a lot" versus those who "liked it a little," while tech clients' brand rating rose 70 percent. "The results of this research prove what we've seen in more limited studies over the past three years," said Cory Van Arsdale, CEO of Massive. "As marketers struggle to stand out in cluttered media forms, the Massive network provides both a deeply engaged audience and sophisticated capabilities for creative execution and delivery, resulting in memorable, positive impressions among highly desirable demographics."

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