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Konami 'Actively Looking Into' MGS4 on Xbox 360

Konami says it's "actively looking" into an Xbox 360 release of Metal Gear Solid 4, perhaps its most decisive comment on long-running rumors to that effect -- despite widely-published comments in the past from the publisher, from Sony and from dire

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

October 15, 2008

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Though rumors about an Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 have circulated regularly since well before the game's launch, Konami appears to have confirmed at least the likelihood of a port. "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360," a Konami rep told Japanese investment research firm Morningstar at the Tokyo Game Show, according to a translation by consumer site IGN. Metal Gear franchise creator Hideo Kojima has been widely quoted against the rumor mill, frequently stating that the game was designed specifically for the PS3 hardware; Sony has often touted that MGS4 is only possible on the PlayStation 3, and Konami calls the title "the first software for PlayStation 3 that uses the full capacity of the Blu-Ray Disc," although of course the technical veracity of such statements hasn't been proven. Konami has said MGS4 shipped 3 million units worldwide on its launch day, and it still continues to make the top five in various regional sales charts regularly since its June 12th launch. In August, the publisher said sales of the game -- which helped lead Konami to a 117 percent sales boost -- were "steadily increasing."

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