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Kojima Announces Metal Gear Solid: Rising For Xbox 360

At Microsoft's E3 media briefing, director Hideo Kojima revealed the next iteration in his storied franchise, Metal Gear Solid Rising, will release on Xbox 360, though no exclusivity was announced.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

June 1, 2009

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Solid Snake has defected -- well, not exactly. "I didn't say anything about Solid Snake," said Hideo Kojima, arriving on stage as a surprise guest during Microsoft's E3 media briefing. With the unveiling of a very brief teaser, Kojima unveiled Metal Gear Solid Rising the next title in his storied franchise -- which will be coming to Xbox 360. In typically cryptic fashion, few other details on the Konami-published title were revealed. Like all iterations in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Rising has a three-word subtitle, "Lightning Bolt Action," and appears to star MGS2 and 4 veteran Raiden, the war-traumatized ninja. "It is a completely new Metal Gear experience," said Kojima. "You can look forward to many great things." The Metal Gear Solid franchise was considered the most desirable remaining hold-out to PlayStation 3 exclusivity, after Microsoft and Square Enix announced last year that Final Fantasy XIII, another longtime Sony loyalist, would cross platforms in the U.S. The Metal Gear Solid Rising deal is likely a similar proposition, as no mention of exclusivity was made during the event.

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