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Kinect's Tsunoda Says Device Will Appeal To Both Casual, Core

Kinect's creative director Kudo Tsunoda has been talking about the Xbox 360's motion control add-on, saying that the launch lineup will appeal to both casual and core gamers, despite a lack of M-rated titles.

Colette Bennett, Blogger

September 2, 2010

1 Min Read

Kinect's creative director Kudo Tsunoda recently spoke out about the Xbox 360 motion control add-on's launch lineup, saying that although there are no Mature-rated titles, he felt that “skill-based gameplay” was the key to attracting the core gamer. In an interview with consumer weblog VG247 at the recent Gamescom event, Tsunoda also stressed the presence of a Sonic The Hedgehog game in the launch lineup as evidence that Kinect titles would appeal to the core gamer as well as the casual. Tsunoda also says third parties are working on various titles for the motion control hardware, so users can look forward to a wide selection of content. “If you’re talking about M-rated content or action games, I think that you saw at E3 we announced a Star Wars game, and I think that will have a lot of action content,” he said. Kinect will have fifteen games available for its November 4th launch, including Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Harmonix's Dance Central. The hardware will be available as a device-and-game package for $149.99, a standard console bundle for $299.99 and an Elite bundle for $399.99. Kinect competitor PlayStation Move will launch with a similar number of titles when it comes out later this month. It does feature add-on compatibility with several previously released Mature-rated titles, including Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Heavy Rain.

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