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Intel, McDonalds Purchase In-Game Advertising For Sims Online

Electronic Arts announced a new online advertising agreement with Intel and McDonald's Corporation, in which the latter companies' products and brands will be inserted into EA's upcoming game, The Sims Online.

Game Developer, Staff

September 17, 2002

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Intel's Pentium 4 processor-based computers will be featured in the game, letting players choose from a selection of virtual computers for their character. Use of a computer in the game can range from the art-imitating-life situation of having your character play games with friends, to opening a business such as a cyber cafe. As characters increase their use of their Pentium 4 processor-based virtual computers within the game, their logic and fun ratings will increase at a higher rate than if using the lower end, generic PCs. The Sims Online players will also be able to operate a McDonald's kiosk and earn a living. Eating at McDonald's will satisfy a character's hunger and fun needs; no indication was given as to whether frequent hamburger binges will affect the health of characters, however. Terms of the marketing deals were not disclosed.

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