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DMA, Psygnosis Founders Launch New Scottish Studio

Three game industry veterans in the UK have formed a new development studio in Dundee, Scotland, called <a href="http://www.realtimeworlds.com">Real Time Worlds</a>.

Game Developer, Staff

June 5, 2003

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The trio launching the 28-person studio consists of: -David Jones, who founded of DMA Design back in the 1980s, the company that launched the Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto franchises. -Ian Hetherington, former Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and founder of Psygnosis. -Tony Harman, the former Director of Development and Acquisition at Nintendo of America. They are joined at Real Time Worlds by Tony Harman, in the role of Commercial Director. Harman is the former director of development and acquisition for Nintendo of America. Harman was the executive producer of Donkey Kong Country franchise for Nintendo. "We are not yet talking specifically about our two titles under development, but I will hint that fans of GTA and next-generation racing games will not be disappointed," said Hetherington.

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