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DISCover's InstaPlay To Launch PC Games Console-Style

DISCover, a PC technology solutions provider, has announced the launch of InstaPlay, a desktop client and service designed to streamline the access to and organization of PC games so that it more closely resembles console operation.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

September 25, 2007

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Digital Interactive Systems (DISCover), technology solutions provider for the PC gaming industry, has announced the launch of InstaPlay, a desktop client and service designed to bring the ease and accessibility of console gaming to the PC. InstaPlay enables browsing, purchasing, downloading, installing, storing, organizing and playing games and demos on the PC. It offers detailed game descriptions, screenshots, reviews, cheats, system requirements, while its incorporated digital distribution system allows the purchase of games in a variety of formats, from digital trial and rental to full purchase download and physical disc. DISCover explains how InstaPlay aims to incorporate "console-style ease" into the PC gaming experience through its features: Drop-N-Play auto-installs, organizes and launches the game quickly as consoles do, subsequently launching games immediately from discs should they be required in the future. InstaPlay's MyGames feature searches out previously installed games and organizes them for instant access, while the One-Click-Play feature aims to simplify and speed game launches with one click. DISCover promises "hundreds" of launch titles from its OEM partners, which, to date, are yet unspecified. "InstaPlay will offer gamers quick and easy access to their games as well as the ability to browse, demo and purchase new top titles in any format they choose,” said David Ferrigno, CEO, DISCover. “By eliminating the cumbersome install and launch process required for most PC games, InstaPlay will make PC gaming more accessible to a larger audience than ever before.”

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