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Clive Barker, Codemasters Partner For Jericho

The Hollywood Reporter h...

Jason Dobson, Blogger

July 18, 2006

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The Hollywood Reporter has reported that horror film creator Clive Barker has partnered with UK-headquartered publisher Codemasters to work on an upcoming next-gen/PC game named Clive Barker's Jericho. The mature title, according to the report, will feature an open world where the player will be able to explore multiple story paths simultaneously. Clive Barker's Jericho will feature a quest within a mysterious land called Jericho, the center of which holds some powerful evil. The player will serve as a member on a special forces squad that wields traditional weapons and magical abilities on their mission to reach the center and save humanity. The game is currently scheduled to ship in late 2007 for next-generation consoles and the PC, and Barker also noted that the concept could also be made into a film at a later date. "There are things in my imagination which I think can only be paintings, things that can only be books, and this thing has to be a game," noted Barker. "Is there a movie in it later? Sure. But what it has to be is what it's going to be first, an absolutely killer game." He added: “"I don't want to give too much away just yet, but the concept is that somewhere in northern Africa there is a walled city which is not just a walled city but walls within walls within walls. It's like Russian dolls, spaces within each other, and trapped inside each space is a slice of time where the warriors of good have gone against ultimate evil and have lost." In 2001, Barker lent his name and creative insight to DreamWorks Interactive for the Electronic Arts-published PC title Clive Barker's Undying. In addition, in 2005 developer Terminal Reality (BloodRayne) confirmed that it had partnered with Barker for a third-person action/horror title called Demonik for the Xbox and PC, but it appears that the project was cancelled in early 2006 as the publisher, Majesco, announced that it was moving away from big budget releases.

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