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Best of FingerGaming: From Krazy Kart Racers to Sandstorm

Gamasutra rounds up the week's top news and reviews sister from iPhone site FingerGaming, this time covering Krazy Kart Racers, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Danny Cowan, Blogger

September 9, 2009

3 Min Read

[Every week, Gamasutra rounds up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent -- and increasingly exciting -- portable games platform, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Louise Yang and Jonathan Glover.] This week, FingerGaming reviews the fast-paced gardening puzzler Green Fingers, and highlights recent releases like Krazy Kart Racers and Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Beaterator Coming to iPhone "Rockstar Games announced today that it will bring a pair of titles to the iPhone and iPod Touch later this year. App Store customers can look for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Beaterator this fall." - Hudson Announces Four iPhone Releases for September "Bomberman franchise developer Hudson Entertainment has announced a lineup of four iPhone titles set to hit the App Store throughout September. iPhone owners can expect to see Knights of the Phantom Castle, Military Madness: Neo Nectaris, Aqua Forest 2 and World RPS later this month." - Review: Green Fingers "Oh, if only maintaining a verdant garden full of brightly blooming blossoms could be as easy as Green Fingers makes it seem! This garden simulator is a fast-paced puzzle game that, like any addictive game, is both simple in concept and challenging in later levels of gameplay." - Top Free Game App Downloads for the Week "Dennis Mengelt's full-version Sokoban clone Boxed In takes top honors in today's free app charts. A demo version of Gameloft's Uno debuts this week at second place, as a trial edition of the recent paid app chart favorite Geared takes third." - Gameloft Launches FPS Modern Combat: Sandstorm in App Store "Gameloft is trying its hand at adapting the first-person shooter genre to the iPhone with Modern Combat: Sandstorm, an original game inspired by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, among other titles." - Konami Releases Krazy Kart Racers for iPhone "Konami has made good on its promise to bring a mascot-themed kart racer to the iPhone. Krazy Kart Racers mixes Mario Kart-styled multiplayer battle racing with many of Konami's famous franchise characters." - Top-Selling Paid Game Apps for the Week "Geared debuts as this week's top-selling paid game application in the iTunes App Store. The recently released zombie shooter Alive 4-Ever finishes close behind at second place, while PlayFirst's Diner Dash spinoff Cooking Dash takes third." - Free Cross-Platform Multiplayer Title Word Ace Debuts for Pre, iPhone "Mobile developer Self Aware Games has released the puzzler Word Ace, which the company claims is the first game to feature cross-compatible multiplayer gameplay for the Palm Pre, iPhone, and iPod Touch." - Popular Japanese Visual Novel Memories Off Comes to iPhone "This release is a significant one for the App Store and for publisher 5pb, and if it finds an audience among iPhone owners, Memories Off could be the first in a series of visual novel apps from 5pb and other prominent publishers."

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Danny Cowan


Danny Cowan is a freelance writer, editor, and columnist for Gamasutra and its subsites. Previously, he has written reviews and feature articles for gaming publications including 1UP.com, GamePro, and Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

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