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Apple Announces iPod Nano, Classic With Pre-Loaded Games

Apple has introduced a suite of new iPods, including a new iPod Nano (with video) and iPod classic (with larger storage space) both including three preloaded games, iQuiz, Vortex and Klondike - with additional iPod Nano games to be purch

Mathew Kumar, Blogger

September 6, 2007

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Apple has introduced a suite of new iPods including a new iPod Nano featuring a new design and video playback and the iPod classic to come in 80gb and 160gb varieties. Both are to include three preloaded games, iQuiz, Vortex and Klondike, with additional iPod Nano games able to be purchased from the online iTunes store later this month. The new iPod Nano features a 204 pixel per inch display 65 percent brighter than the previous generation, and one that delivers 320x240 resolution. Of the preloaded games, iQuiz is an entertainment trivia game, Vortex is a 360 degree brick-bashing game and Klondike is based on the solitaire card game. Additional games are to be available for iPod Nano later this month from the iTunes Store, including Sudoku and Tetris from Electronic Arts and Ms. Pac-Man from Namco. Though Apple also announced a new iPod Touch, based on the iPhone design without the telephone capabilities, no game announcements were made for it or the iPhone, which has been reduced to $399. "We've taken the most popular music player in the world and added stunning video playback just in time for the holiday season," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, speaking of the iPod Nano, "The iPod Nano just keeps getting better and better with each new generation." [This story was crossposted from Gamasutra's mobile-specific news website Games On Deck.]

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