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20 percent of Xbox Cloud Gaming players exclusively use touch controls

Microsoft also reported that games that support touch control see double the usage of non-touch games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

December 2, 2021

1 Min Read

Microsoft is out here today trying to entice more developers to implement touch controls on games that are compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming by way of some interesting statistics. According to the company, 20 percent of Xbox Cloud Gaming users exclusively rely on touch controls for Xbox, and games that implement touch controls are seeing twice the increase in usage over non-touch titles.

Those are the stats across all games on Xbox Cloud Gaming, but Microsoft also says for some games, over 30 percent of players are only engaging with touch controls. These include Hades, Dragon Quest XI, Minecraft Dungeons, Scarlet Nexus, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and more. 

Many of these games weren't designed for touch controls in the first place.

The rest of Microsoft's blog is a pitch for how developers can quickly adapt their titles for touch controls and mobile play, with resources on how you can implement these controls yourself. You can find all of that right here.

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