Your game industry in your words, week of September 7

Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from industry figures from the past week, including Insomniac Games' Ted Price, Valve's Alden Kroll, industry veteran David Crane, and many others in this weekly roundup.
Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures from the past week, including Insomniac Games' Ted Price, Valve's Alden Kroll, industry veteran David Crane, and many others. In our original and exclusive interviews, analysis, and feature pieces over the past week, a wide variety of developers, publishers, and indies shared their thoughts on DRM, PS Mobile, crowd-designed games, Steam Greenlight, and more. This Week's Noteworthy Game Industry Quotes "Greenlight is scary as hell. Great games not getting the attention they should is always a problem, and asking the crowd what's good usually results in 'that thing everyone else likes'!" - Incredipede developer Colin Northway "We've gone more the route of reward, as opposed to the stick, when it comes to DRM." - Ubisoft's VP of digital publishing Chris Early discusses removing always-on DRM anti-piracy measures from the company's games "I always imagine other people's reaction when they look at something I've done, and if it seems underwhelming I'll push it further or add more to it till I think it's good enough. " - Artist Paul Robertson sharing tips for making great 2D animations "Holding an open paid beta allowed us to find an early audience and is giving us time to craft our game with real feedback ahead of its release." - Kevin Forbes of Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja) "Original indie games with a strong personal identity on a fantastic piece of kit? Seems to me the right approach." - Eufloria developer Rudolf Kremers on bringing indie games to PS Vita via the PS Mobile program "When you have this balance between participation from the audience and some professionals who know how to hammer it into shape and make it as good as it can be, we think that's a really good balance." - Schell Games head Jesse Schell on making a crowd-designed game "We need to evolve with our teams, and that in itself is a creative endeavor, in that it's as creative a challenge as building a game when it comes to building consensus among a team." - Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price "Steam Greenlight is as much about building community for your games as it is about getting your game on Steam." - Valve UI designer Alden Kroll "They look at my project and say, you're asking way too much money. And I say, do you have any idea how much it takes to make a game?" - Game designer and Activision co-founder David Crane on his struggles attracting funding for his Kickstarter game project The complete versions of these in-depth articles, as well as other insightful pieces, are all available in Gamasutra's pages for Exclusive items and Features.

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