Watch the second day of OLLxGDC today at 4PM EST

It's another bright day in San Francisco, which means it's time for us to hide in a dark hallway and kidnap random guests to be interviewed by the One Life Left and Gamasutra teams, live on Twitch!

After yesterday’s smashing debut on Twitch, the One Life Left crew has thankfully not decided to run away screaming from our new video setup and has instead prepared a fine second day of interviews straight from the floor of GDC. If you’re ready to chat with some of the most brilliant and forward-thinking minds in our industry, you should know that we’ll be streaming the OLLxGDC show again today at 4PM EST. 

If you’re wondering just who we’ve convinced to sit down with us, feel free to peruse this elegantly-crafted guest list, and prepare questions to ask in Twitch chat. We’ll do our best to answer them as we stream live!

  • Rebekah Saltsman    CEO Finji
  • Kert Gartner    Pixel Pusher
  • Rayna Anderson  Senior Narrative Designer Eidos Montreal
  • Itay Keren  Owner Untame
  • Tanya Short Director Kitfox Games / Co-Director Pixelles
  • Richard Rouse   Director, Designer, Writer Paranoid Productions
  • Martine Spaans  Owner Tamalaki Publishing
  • Alex Fleetwood  Founder / CEO Sensible Object
  • Lisa Brown  Game Designer Independent
  • Herman Narula   CEO Improbable
  • Jenn Sandercock Game Designer Inquisiment
  • Alex Schwartz   Founder + CEO Owlchemy Labs

And while you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to the Gamasutra Twitch Channel and the One Life Left podcast for more great game analysis to enrich your development life. 

Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent UBM Americas

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