Watch Chucklefish's CEO and tech director discuss Wargroove's development

Watch two of the developers behind Wargroove break down their game-making process.

Chucklefish, the company that created Starbound and originally published Stardew Valley, caught the attention of devs and strategy fans alike this year with the release of Wargroove, a turn-based title in the vein of Advance Wars that has all the good dog units. 

To mark the game's release, technical director Rodrigo Monteiro and Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice dropped by the GDC Twitch channel today for a chat about Wargroove's design and development. If you're an indie developer trying to navigate the complicated space of making games (and the technical challenges of using pixel art), you should definitely watch the full conversation in the video above! 

And for more developer interviews and curated GDC talks, be sure to drop by and follow the GDC Twitch channel

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