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Video: How Star Renegades borrowed the Nemesis system for a turn-based RPG

Developers Ken Soto and Peter McLaren of Massive Damage dropped by the GDC Twitch channel to discuss the making of Star Renegades.

September 30, 2020

1 Min Read

Developer Massive Damage's new game, Star Renegades, has a lot of neat features in its design space that help it stand out from other turn-based role-playing games. One of them is the fulfillment of years-old prophecy: that the Nemesis system from Monolith's Middle-earth games would be adapted for other games.

That hasn't quite come true, but a version of it has appeared in Massive Damage's new sci-fi RPG. Why did the developers borrow the system? Why did they feel a turn-based RPG needed randomization and shorter systems to appeal to fans of classic RPGs? These are some of the discussions that took place when the developers dropped by on the GDC Twitch channel.

A brief technical note: this stream got hit with two technical difficulties: first, the video for the first few minutes is very choppy, and then an audio issue eliminated the developers' end of the call from the stream. The latter issue has been cut from the video, so it will end somewhat abruptly.

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