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This Week In Console Digital Download: From Street Fighter III To Uprising

Each week, Gamasutra rounds up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services including Street Fighter III: Online Edition and the XBLIG Summer Uprising releases.

Ryan Langley, Blogger

August 26, 2011

5 Min Read

[Every week, Gamasutra rounds up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, as compiled by console digital editor Ryan Langley, including the latest XBLA and PSN games.] The Summer of Arcade ended last week, but we still have a ridiculous number of titles coming out. Three new titles on XBLA, the XBLIG Summer Uprising promotion, PSN's "Play" promotion with Street Fighter III, a new 3DS classic, and finally a good, new title for WiiWare. Xbox Live Arcade Summer of Arcade is over, but there are plenty of games still getting released. This week's top title is Street Fighter III: Online Edition for 1200MSP ($15). It doesn't stop there; we have a second ever Kinect XBLA title -- Hole In The Wall, a "Human Tetris"-style game for 800MSP ($10). The final game is Crazy Machines Elements, a game similar to The Incredible Machine, which is available for 800MSP ($10). That's not the final piece of content however. One new piece of DLC is available this week: Worms Armageddon -- Puzzle Pack, featuring 20 mind-boggling single-player puzzle missions for 320MSP ($4). Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising xbligsummeruprising.pngTen Xbox Live Indie developers have banded together to bring players their A-games with the XBLIG Summer Uprising capaign. We're currently only a quarter of the way through, but there are still some exciting new titles to check out. Raventhorne is Milkstone Studios' epic 2D adventure of glory and vengeance, in which players help Raventhorne, the fallen norse hero, fullfill his fate and take revenge for his death! Grab it today for just 240MSP ($3). Check out some footage of it in action. While originally released some months ago, Battle High has had a remarkable upgrade, including a character rebalancing that prevents gameplay-breaking infinite combos, a new widescreen mode, three new mini-games, and updated art. And all for 80MSP ($1)! Grab it now. The third Uprising title is Cute Things Dying Violently, a game where you flick hapless Critters around to get them safely out of each level. It's quite Lemmings-esque, representing a game-type which has been sorely missing from the Xbox digital front. It's just 80MSP ($1) too! Out of all the games in the Indie Games Summer Uprising this week, the one I've found the most interesting takes the Canabalt-style running game into the third dimension -- T.E.C. 3001 has you running at hundreds of miles and hour, dodging buildings and other hazards in your way. Check out a trailer here, download the demo, or pick it up for 240MSP ($3). PlayStation Store (North America) 3rdstrikepsn.png This week, we get a whole bunch of new PlayStation Network titles, after weeks of weak releases. Today you can check out Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for $14.99, as well as Fatshark's puzzler Hamilton's Great Adventure for $9.99, and Sega's classic Comix Zone for $4.99. DLC-wise, we have some new content for Worms 2: Armageddon -- the Retro Pack features 20 single-player missions, and Time Attack has 20 new race missions, each for $4.99. We also have a great addition to the PSOne classics line -- Parasite Eve II for $5.99. Lastly, we have two new PSP Minis -- Fighting Fantasy: Talisman Of Death for $4.99, and Hysteria Project 2 for $2.49. PlayStation Store (Europe) jumppsn.pngA huge week for the PlayStation Network this week -- ten brand new titles hit the PSN in all shapes and sizes. First up, the PSN titles. Previously an XBLIG gem, Arkedo Series: JUMP! is now available for £1.59/€1.99, alongside heavyweights like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition for £11.99/€14.99, Hamilton's Great Adventure for £7.99/€9.99, Backbreaker: Vengeance for £11.99/€14.99, and Crazy Machines Elements for £7.99/€9.99. Alongside the big boys we also have two new Minis titles, Revoltin' Youth (£1.74/€1.99) and Doodle Fit (£1.74/€1.99) Lastly, three new pieces of DLC are available: two for Worms 2: Armageddon, Retro Pack (£2.99/€3.59) and Time Attack (£2.99/€3.59); and one for Dead Block, More Dead to Block Map Pack (£2.39/€2.99) Nintendo Download (North America) This week on the 3DS eShop, we have one new Virtual Console title originally released on the original Game Boy: Gargoyle's Quest for $3.99. The Wii also sees a new Virtual Console release in The Ignition Factor, a 1994 SNES firefighting sim, of all things, available for 800 Wii points ($8). On the DSiWare side, we have three new titles: Let's Create! Pottery for 500 Points ($5), Magical Whip: Wizards of Phantasmal Forest for 200 Points ($2), and a simple Calculator app for 200 Points ($2). And finally, on WiiWare, we have a new demo available for Kyotokei. Nintendo Download (Europe) Alongside Gargoyle's Quest (€4/£3.60) on the 3DS Virtual Console, Europe gets WiiWare gravity-based puzzle-platformer Aya and the Cubes of Light for 1000 Points and a version of the card game Bridge on DSiWare for 500 Points.

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