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Peek under the hood of Far: Lone Sails' button-powered land boat

We talked to the developers of Far: Lone Sails about the implementation of an interactive land boat with a minimalist UI.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

May 30, 2018

1 Min Read

For whatever reason, it seems like Steam users are hungry for moody platform-puzzlers with surprising new mechanics. Two weeks ago, indie game Far: Lone Sails popped up on Steam, and its vivid aesthetic and unique vehicular controls have landed it a substantial amount of positive reviews in multiple languages. 

Since the student project turned commercial release seems to have found some genuine success, we were excited to interview Okomotive technical lead Goran Saric & creative director Don Schmocker today on the Gamasutra Twitch channel, which you can now watch in its entirety up above. It's a conversation that covers everything from the realistic physics powering the game's lumbering machine, to how its developers created a minimalist interface. 

If this kind of conversation is of great interest to you, be sure to follow the Gamasutra Twitch channel for more developer interviews, editor roundtables and gameplay commentary! 

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Bryant Francis

Senior Editor, GameDeveloper.com

Bryant Francis is a writer, journalist, and narrative designer based in Boston, MA. He currently writes for Game Developer, a leading B2B publication for the video game industry. His credits include Proxy Studios' upcoming 4X strategy game Zephon and Amplitude Studio's 2017 game Endless Space 2.

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