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MIGS: Day 1, 2:45pm: Don't believe this Title

The cake was a lie.

Jim McGinley, Blogger

December 21, 2009

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MIGS took place Nov. 16 - 17, 2009.
Jim McGinley ruins his right hand.
Previous Entries - 7:40am - 8:30am - 10:15am - 11:30am - 1:30pm

Day 1 - 2:45pm
Building Games Driven By Artists and Small Teams: Are We [Back] There?
Virgile Delporte

Download Presentation PDF Here

Standing room only. I noticed this because I was standing.
Quick history of games is presented. Marble Madness, Sorcery, Paperboy.
Mind... wandering.

Briefly explained what Halo and WOW were... to an audience of game developers.
"limited space for these types of games"
Explains record sales?

Prototyping is good.

Major Points

  • Size Matters
    "Act small, think BIG." "I think there's a great opportunity for small teams."
    y o u t h i n k?

  • Listen to what People Want
    "We hardcore gamers, most of what we think is wrong"
    "Involve them [gamers] earlier to determine what game will be"
    Think customer packaged goods... think viewing yogurt in context.
    Yogurt video froze machine - first MIGs reboot

  • Be Agile
    "Iterate often", "Smaller teams", "Prototype"
    "Agile distribution" - can adjust iPhone pricing
    Note: We already talked about smaller teams and prototyping.

  • Focus on the Story and Experience
    "5 guys making an amazing experience is key to me."
    "What will succeed over time is q u a l i t y."
    I've forgotten what this presentation is about.

  • Pick your Tools Wisely
    "Writing your own engine is crazy."
    "The battle is over, bring down the ego."
    "Provide tools to creative guys - not programmers."
    That's what I came for. Alas, he moved on.

  • Take Advantage of Technology
    "The iPhone is a dead market."
    After second MIGs reboot, showed video of his company's utterly amazing ARG game.
    Transforms an ordinary breakfast cereal box into a gaming platform.
    Ears rediscover optimism.

  • Think Social
    "i think we're going to be platform agnostic"
    you think?
    "I think the trend is online."
    Michael Pachter look out.

A Camel's Broken Back

5 Case Studies were presented.
i.e. Little Big Planet, WiiWaa, Torn
All required one or more expert programmers.
Some created by a single person - also a programmer.
Games driven by artists not shown.
Ear hopes deflated. Legs regret standing.

Second last slide shows the "optimal game development scenario".
Last slide encourages us to "think different", "go innovate!"
No questions were asked.
Tip: If you call your presentation "Making Fudge", ensure you talk about "Making Fudge"

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