GameCareerGuide: Literature Challenge Ends As Single-Button Challenge Begins

Gamasutra sister site GameCareerGuide has posted the results of a challenge posed to its readers -- to create a game based on a favorite book -- while also beginning a n
Gamasutra sister site GameCareerGuide has posted the results of a challenge posed to its readers -- to create a game based on a favorite book -- while also beginning a new one based on a single-button control scheme. Favorite Book GameCareerGuide challenged its readers to design a game inspired by one of their favorite books. The challenge encouraged readers not to simply re-tell a story within a game, but to come up with a design based on the ideas, themes, and broader topics covered by a particular work. The winning entries are: - Jeremiah G. West, Student at Norco City College, Go the F**k to Sleep - Randall Vevea, Game dev student at Cabrillo College, The Castle in the Attic - Nick Johnson, Columbia College of Chicago Alumni, The Mysterious Stranger - Thomas Petzel, Student at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Hunters - Tom Cole, MA in Digital Games Theory and Design at Brunel University, Chocolat - Jose Francisco Arias Perez, Designer at Tlacuacho Estudio, Crime and Punishment - Nicolas Salzer, Psychology student at University Hildesheim, Instructions for a Minor Demon - William Wiley, Columbia College Chicago, Fire & Ice: Coming of the Revenant - Ivan Low Jun Zhi, Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, Survival Instinct - Faye Windsor-Smith, QA Tester for Codemasters, Do or Die The full results, with details from each winner, are live now at GameCareerGuide. One Button Control Taking a more minimalist approach, the latest Game Design Challengeasks GCG's readers to design a game that uses a only a single button. "Over the past few years, we've seen developers and hardware manufacturers use a number of strategies to simplify game control. The Wii offers a unique controller design with motion tracking, mobile phones now emphasize multi-touch capabilities, and Microsoft's Kinect offers camera-based, gamepad-free control." "What if we tried to simplify game control even further? What if we went back to basics and brought game control down to a simple, easy to understand interface: pushing a button -- not with a full controller, but just a single button." Full details are available at GameCareerGuide, and all readers are eligible -- and welcome -- to submit designs.

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