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Game Design Challenge - Vote Now!

An amazing roster of game designers explain their ideas for games that will occupy space travelers on their journey to Mars. Then you get to vote on your favorite!

Bobby Lockhart, Blogger

June 4, 2014

2 Min Read

Your Host, Rob Lockhart is creative director of Important Little Games, an educational game studio -- currently working on Codemancer, a fantasy adventure game that teaches the magic of programming.



Last year, 2013, was the last year for the amazing GDC Game Design Challenge.  It was a highlight of every GDC, but this year it was nowhere to be found.  This left a hole in our hearts which I am attempting to fill today, by beginning a game design challenge of our own! Last time, I announced our participants and the theme.  To refresh your memory, here's the theme of the challenge:


With current technology, the trip to Mars will take between six months and a year, depending on the relative positions of Earth and Mars.*  NASA has identified boredom as one of the biggest dangers to a Mars mission.  Design a game to be played by astronauts or civilians on their way to the red planet.  This can include participation from other players back on earth, but keep in mind that the lag on Mars due to speed-of-light limitations can range between 4 minutes and 24 minutes.*


Please watch every video completely before you cast your vote. 

Chris Bell: The Call



Jenn Sandercock: The Task Game



Jake Elliott: Astronaut Dream Telepathy Exercise



Tanya Short: Allegiance



Liz Ryerson: Relic



John Murphy: M.A.R.S. T.R.E.A.T.S.



Now, you can vote.  To vote, add a TOP-LEVEL COMMENT with just the name of the entry you think deserves to win. Replies will not be counted. I'll be tallying the posts 24 hours from now (12PM CT), so get your vote in before then.  Best of luck to all participants!

Stay tuned, because the winner will be announced on Friday!

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