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Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Player Agency To Living The Indie Life

In highlights from <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/member/page=1/">Gamasutra's Member Blogs</a>, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including complex design, player choice, and tips for living an indie lifestyle.

Tom Curtis, Blogger

May 17, 2011

1 Min Read

[In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including complex design, player choice, and tips for living an indie lifestyle.] Member Blogs can be maintained by any registered Gamasutra user, while invitation-only Expert Blogs -- also highlighted weekly -- are written by selected development professionals. We hope that our blog sections can provide useful and interesting viewpoints on our industry. For more information, check out the official posting guidelines. Here are the top member blogs for the week: This Week's Standout Member Blogs - Complexity Complex (James Youngman) James Youngman argues that if developers plan to include a feature that increases a game's complexity, they better ensure that feature substantially improves the player's overall experience. - The Right Degree Of Masochism In Game Design (Josh Bycer) Josh Bycer looks at common implementations of post-game content, noting how they can improve accessibility by isolating the most difficult challenges from the primary campaign. - It All Went Horribly Wrong (Justin Keverne) Justin Keverne reflects upon some of his most notable in-game failures, and explains that adapting to unexpected challenges can often prove more enjoyable than travelling down the optimal path. - The Obedient Player (Douglas Lynn) In an exploratory piece on the role of free will, Douglas Lynn examines how players often abandon their freedom of choice once they decide to play a game. - Indie And A Day Job - Making It Work (David Amador) Working as an independent developer has never been an easy task, and here, David Amador shares some of his tips for how to best live the indie lifestyle.

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Tom Curtis


Tom Curtis is Associate Content Manager for Gamasutra and the UBM TechWeb Game Network. Prior to joining Gamasutra full-time, he served as the site's editorial intern while earning a degree in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

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