Drug Gangs’ Kin Ensnared in Mexico Crackdown

Drug trafficking has long been a family affair in Mexico, handed down through the generations. Relatives often launder drug profits through seemingly legitimate businesses, while sons and daughters learn the tricks of the trade as armed enforcers or distr
Drug trafficking has long been a family affair in Mexico, handed down through the generations. Relatives often launder drug profits through seemingly legitimate businesses, while sons and daughters learn the tricks of the trade as armed enforcers or distributors of bribes. But in recent weeks, a series of cases has led Mexicans to grapple anew with the question of familial bonds in the criminal underworld, as the relatives of some top drug traffickers have found the spotlight focused on them and drug mafias have complained publicly that the authorities are harassing their innocent relatives without cause. A Mexican senator, Ricardo Monreal, temporarily left his post last week after the authorities confirmed that 14.5 tons of marijuana had been found in a warehouse belonging to one of his brothers, Cándido Monreal. A second brother is the mayor of Fresnillo in Zacatecas State, the town where the cache was found. The case is intertwined with a major jailbreak that took place earlier in the month, in which a group of armed men dressed as federal police officers sprang more than 50 inmates from a Zacatecas prison, apparently with the aid of prison authorities. Two of the escapees had previously been captured in the drug raid on the Monreal family property.
The senator, who was accused of ties title insurance utah to traffickers in the past, receivables insurance has professed carrington insurance his innocence and taken developer insurance international student medical insurance builders home warranty insurance a leave while concord insurance company cheapest scooter insurance the investigation oregon disability insurance runs its course. He has said that his western dental insurance family is not marine insurance ny metropolitan casualty insurance linked vespa insurance life insurance providers to any drug gang and that the maternity insurance singapore toyota car insurance drugs, found in listed building home insurance a warehouse used to pet insurance alberta dry peppers, were probably planted by political enemies. In another case, skoda car insurance the newspaper ontario auto insurance rate El Universal reported last auto florida insurance week that Francisco Villarreal, the brother of one of the most alberta car insurance quote wanted men in cheap short term car insurance Mexico, had received a contract to set up the sound system at a recent rally life insurance south africa attended by President Felipe Calderon, apollo insurance who has made fighting traffickers the cornerstone of his presidency. Mr. Villarreal is life insurance carriers careington dental insurance the brother of Sergio Villarreal, who fremont mutual insurance is known title insurance jobs as El Grande and hth insurance is considered a leader garage liability insurance florida of the grundy classic car insurance insurance life life term whole Beltran Leyva cartel. Nobody has accused life insurance investment the sound hospital accident insurance technician of any misdeeds, but fixed insurance equine insurance uk the newspaper argued dental insurance canada that the president’s office car insurance company ireland should mini fleet insurance screen its contractors more acord certificate of liability insurance thoroughly. Mr. Villarreal said that he had rotherham insurance brokers not las vegas business insurance spoken to his brother in more than disability insurance tax five years rider motorcycle insurance and that he was publishers insurance not responsible for alaska car insurance anything he might be involved in. “The david shield insurance free online car insurance quote high risk auto insurance canada only things I know about him are from magazines or health insurance carriers newspapers,” he said, adding: “You don’t choose your brothers. God sends them.” While title insurance agent it is true that travel insurance high blood pressure not car insurance online quote uk every trafficker comes from conseco long term care insurance a investors insurance north carolina insurance law family full of vice, Mexico has a history of cigna dental individual insurance notorious crime families, like the Arellano Felix brothers and the Beltran Leyva brothers, who home and contents insurance online quote have kept their organizations burial canada insurance alive across generations. Mexican authorities letting insurance often lean hard on relatives of traffickers, presuming that the criminal in the family is auto insurance in Florida disability income insurance company car insurance quote cheapest no black benz car insurance mercedes sheep. But the small business insurance rates government is also routinely criticized as being too lenient on family members, even giving agricultural subsidies nurse practitioner liability insurance backpackers worldwide travel insurance to the relatives of some of express motorcycle insurance Mexico’s senior citizen insurance credit insurance policy most wanted drug valley forge life insurance company suspects living in rural areas, a holiday travel insurance policy that is regularly attacked in the local press. The Mexican Army said last week ford car insurance uk insurance murder that medical insurance in PA Octavio Almanza, suspected of belonging countrywide auto insurance to the Gulf virginia motorcycle insurance Cartel, gave canadian life insurance quote up nevada motorcycle insurance information on cheap static caravan insurance his brother, Raymundo, after being arrested in cheapest home contents insurance February hatcher insurance in connection with home insurance tips masterminding the killing of an army general. land insurance after the event insurance Raymundo homeowners insurance miami was arrested last week in other kansas car insurance crimes. But condition existing health insurance pet pre house insurance companies the best nj auto insurance culpability of family members is not always so clear dental insurance in Alabama cut. The Mexican federal police broke up trauma insurance a party in small business health insurance michigan Cuernavaca, outside Mexico City, this month and arrested long beach car insurance renters insurance atlanta the elderly parents do i need long term care insurance of Alberto Pineda Villa, who car insurance in Boston is accused of being a top boss for the Beltran Leyva brothers, as well as some of cheap car insurance arizona ebm insurance brokers his siblings arizona state disability insurance and other relatives. The life insurance sales charges against admitted insurance carriers amica car insurance them budget insurance uk were unclear. Those ocean harbor insurance arrests prompted drug traffickers in life insurance facts many parts of the country to hang protest d&o insurance policy banners on canada car in insurance ontario quote marine insurance australia overpasses, which is car insurance rates toronto how acupuncture malpractice insurance the 75 travel insurance Mexican underworld often communicates top travel insurance its views to california travel insurance the public and politicians. “We are farm bureau auto insurance louisiana aware 1st gear insurance of our acts, but we’re in total disagreement that our parents, siblings texas auto insurance online and other relatives are involved,” said unoccupied home insurance one banner found in Acapulco. Another banner directly addressed the president. “Felipe Calderon, please don’t mess with nation wide car insurance the family because it is very cape coral auto insurance sacred,” cheapest car insurance for women the message said. “Show respect or face the consequences of pinnacle pet insurance our people. They are tired american republic insurance company average car insurance rate new york flood insurance of atrocities.” Of course, Mexico’s ruthless drug gangs rarely respect families themselves, and the Mexican authorities took monthly home insurance their complaints to be veiled threats against public officials’ relatives. medicare insurance plans Kidnapping children, after all, is one of the gangs’ side businesses, and threats against wives and children are car insurance group 4 a tried-and-true method they use to spread fear. For his part, connell insurance Mr. disco public liability insurance Calderon has portrayed his government’s probuilders specialty insurance best dental insurance deployment car insurance adjuster of 45,000 soldiers canada car insurance online quotes car insurance for teenager to root out traffickers as a way maine title insurance to stick up for insurance audit program Mexican families, or at least cencal insurance law-abiding ones. “It short term health insurance is worth the trouble to reiterate that our struggle isn’t to pollution insurance just liberate children california renters insurance and youth from the claws multiple car insurance of slavery that addictions represent,” Mr. texas online auto insurance tiburon insurance cheap car insurance ireland Calderon auto insurance bond medigap insurance companies said recently in Ciudad Juarez, where soldiers dog kennel insurance have taken auto insurance uninsured over the duties of the local police. “It’s compare car insurance online new jersey life insurance marine insurance adjuster also because crime has directed itself against the citizenry.”

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