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Chat with us about the latest details on Project Scorpio at 12PM EDT

Got opinions about how Project Scorpio will impact game development? Share them with us as we go live to talk about Project Scorpio at 12PM EDT.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

April 12, 2017

1 Min Read

As you may have learned by now, Gamasutra editor Alex Wawro was able to pay a visit to Microsoft HQ in Redmond a few weeks ago and get more details about how Project Scorpio will impact the lives of game developers. While we’re still waiting on a few more key details (like the name of the final device and its price), we do know a bit more about how Microsoft is working to get developers up to speed on what's needed to bring games to Scorpio. 

To talk more about our reporting, and discuss more about what Project Scorpio means for the future of console game development, we’re going to be going live at 12PM EDT on the Gamasutra Twitch channel to review the specs, identify ongoing developer needs, and ask Alex what it was like to be constantly escorted by Microsoft executives everywhere he went on campus. 

Be sure to join us in the Twitch chat to share your thoughts and ask your questions and follow the Gamasutra Twitch channel for more editor roundtables, developer interviews, and gameplay commentary. 

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Bryant Francis

Senior Editor, GameDeveloper.com

Bryant Francis is a writer, journalist, and narrative designer based in Boston, MA. He currently writes for Game Developer, a leading B2B publication for the video game industry. His credits include Proxy Studios' upcoming 4X strategy game Zephon and Amplitude Studio's 2017 game Endless Space 2.

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