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Chat with us about how Obsidian's Tyranny builds on CRPG design at 3PM EST

The CRPG made a huge comeback in the beginning of the Kickstarter era, now Obsidian's building on its success in the genre with Tyranny. Come chat with us about its design today at 3PM EST.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

November 30, 2016

1 Min Read

The CRPG genre has faded from meaning “role-playing games on computers” to a very specific, niche kind of role-playing game that usually appeals to older players. But some developers, like Obsidian Entertainment, have stuck with the genre and given it new life thanks to their success with crowdfunding campaigns. 

To see why these games still have some appeal, and analyze how Obsidian’s made updates to keep the genre fresh, we’re going to be streaming their latest game Tyranny today at 3PM EST (while also not trying to feel too bummed out by the fact that you’re playing in a world where the evil overlord already won).

Be sure to join us in the chat if you’re an RPG designer or just curious to see what small tweaks Obsidian’s made under the genre’s hood, and be sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel for regular developer interviews and gameplay commentary. And while you’re at it, be sure to catch up on last week’s discussion of procedural game design with Moon Hunters lead designer Tanya Short. 

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Bryant Francis

Senior Editor, GameDeveloper.com

Bryant Francis is a writer, journalist, and narrative designer based in Boston, MA. He currently writes for Game Developer, a leading B2B publication for the video game industry. His credits include Proxy Studios' upcoming 4X strategy game Zephon and Amplitude Studio's 2017 game Endless Space 2.

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