Chat with the developers behind Children of Morta starting at 3PM EST

The developers behind Children of Morta are taking your questions starting at 3PM EST.

11 Bit Studios has been making a name for itself both as a developer and publishing house, and later this year, they'll be teaming up with Dead Mage to release Children of Morta. It's an action RPG that puts players in control of not just one hero, but a whole family of heroes, passing down their traits from generation to generation. 

With a beautiful pixel aesthetic and a unique game hook, it's no wonder the game's become one of Steam's top wishlisted (unreleased) games. With that in mind, the developers at Dead Mage will be dropping by the GDC Twitch channel today at 3PM EST for a chat about developing Children of Morta in advance of its release! 

It's a rare chance to talk to some talented devs still in the process of finishing their game, so drop on by and ask your questions in Twitch chat! And for more developer interviews and select GDC talks, be sure to follow the GDC Twitch channel.

Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent company Informa 

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