New Xbox update lets players join Discord voice chats directly from console

With the holidays coming next week, Xbox's update to Discord comes at just the right time.

Xbox's newly released November update allows players to join Discord voice chats directly from their consoles.

When Discord integration first came to Xbox in September, players had to open the voice chat in Discord, then transfer that call to the console. This is a small change, but one that makes the process of joining a voice chat easier and less of a burden, particularly for those with sluggish internet connections.

Though Microsoft's console has had integration with the popular chat app for a few months months, this deepens the relationship between the two companies in a substantial way. It effectively puts Discord's Xbox version on parity with its mobile and computer counterparts.

For players who've already connected their Xbox and Discord accounts, they'll have to repeat that process. Afterwards, all they'll have to do is open the Xbox Guide, go to Parties & Chats, and then select Discord. Similar to the phone or web apps for the chat service, players will see a preview of who's in the call before joining. 

Additionally, the new Xbox update has activated noise suppression for those using Discord on Xbox Series X|S. Background noises will be blocked by default, though that can be toggled off in the options menu. 

The background noise feature will certainly be a boon in general. But as the family-heavy holidays get closer, and with it background noise of increasing volumes, it's a feature that's more than welcome. 

Discord's continued relationship with Xbox draws more attention to the lack of forward momentum with PlayStation. 

Recall that in 2021, Sony purchased a small investment in the service, with the promise that it would eventually come to PlayStation and mobile sometime in 2022. CEO Jim Ryan at the time said that this partnership would "bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together."

But with a month and change left in 2022, it feels more likely that the PlayStation won't be getting Discord until 2023. 

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