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What's in Chicago?

I'll be moving to Chicago pretty soon with my fiancee, and I was wondering what goes on there, game-development-wise.

Bobby Lockhart, Blogger

August 11, 2010

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This correspondence is mainly a stub.  A placeholder for hopefully great things to come.  It's true I've made such promises before, dear reader, but never with the sort of enthusiasm at my back that I'm sailing on now.

I've written to let you know that I'll be leaving my current home in Cambridge MA (our fair city), for the greener pastures of Chicago, IL.  What's that?  you live in Chicago, too?  What a coincidence!

That brings me directly to my point - how convenient!  What game studios are based out of Chicago?  Are there events I should check out?  People I should meet? 

I have a great idea for a game.  What a game!  you would plotz if I told you about this game.  It's going to make World of Goo look like Shaq-Fu!  But I'm boasting again.  I mustn't boast.  I'll tell you the whole story as it happens, but right now I really should get to bed.


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