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Video: Identifying your mobile player's habits

In this GDC Europe presentation, Flurry's Richard Firminger presents his firm's latest data on the mobile game market, detailing new player habits, emerging business strategies, and much more.

September 21, 2012

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Given the rapid growth of today's mobile market, it's become increasingly important for developers to keep an eye on the space's latest trends. Platforms, business models, and even audiences are evolving at an extremely fast pace, and those of you looking to succeed on mobile will want to keep a close eye on how the market has changed. Some companies, like Flurry Analytics, work to help developers keep track of those changes, and at this year's GDC Europe, Flurry's Richard Firminger gave an in-depth talk examining the latest data on today's mobile users, games, and business models. His talk covered everything from app distribution, player demographics, game usage, and more, giving developers the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their next mobile game. For instance, Firminger offered a breakdown of player spending habits, noting that older players are much more likely to spend money to unlock content in free-to-play games. "If we look at who pays, Generation Y [age 30 or younger] plays, while Generation X [over age 30] pays. As we get older, we get less patient, we have less time, and we're much more prepared to pay our way through the game," he said. It's useful information, particularly if you're looking for the best target audience for a microtransaction-based game. Of course, Firminger's presentation was full of even more data on today's mobile market, and you can check out the entire talk for yourself by watching the above video, courtesy of the GDC Vault.

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