Ubisoft Québec boss departs 'independently' of emerging allegations

Ubisoft Québec managing director Andrée Cossette has announced her departure from the company, which is allegedly independent of the emerging allegations of abuse dogging the studio.

Andrée Cossette, managing director of Ubisoft Québec, is departing the studio in the midst of a wave of allegations of abuse emerging from across Ubisoft's many studios.

Cossette's departure is oddly timed. For her part, a post on social media seems to indicate that the exit isn't tied to the numerous allegations about life at Ubisoft, but rather a normal departure after 22 years with the company.

The truth seems far more complex. It's worth reiterating that across the numerous stories we've reported on Ubisoft, the pattern of abuse not only encompasses employees who treated other Ubisoft developers like sexual objects or emotional punching bags, but a culture in management that allowed abuse to take place as long as the games shipped on time.

Among other issues, Ubisoft Québec is one studio where developers fought "tooth and claw" to get playable female characters like Evie implemented in their games while facing intense pushback from Ubisoft leadership. It's a far less egregious offense than the abuse of employees, but it's one notable incident that allegedly took place under Cossette's watch.

Ubisoft has released a statement stating that Cossette's departure is not timed to the allegations. By their account, it's perfectly normal for studio leadership to leave the company in the midst of an international crisis.

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