The Samsung Gaming Hub will bring game streaming to Smart TVs

The new platform will offer access to services including Nvidia GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik.

Samsung is launching a new game discovery platform called the Samsung Gaming Hub.

The electronics company said the platform will be integrated into select Tizen-powered 2022 Smart TV models and offer access to game streaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now, Stadia, and Utomik.

Samsung notes that support for additional streaming platforms will be added further down the line, allowing players to jump into a vast library of games by leveraging cloud technology that delivers "console-like performance without the hassle of downloads."

Notably, Samsung confirmed its streaming partners will bring their "full libraries of games" to the Gaming Hub, which will be made accessible as part of the new 2022 Smart Hub.

It will also be possible to pair gamepads with the Samsung Gaming Hub, although Samsung hasn't disclosed which specific controllers will be supported at launch.

"We know that gaming continues to increase in popularity for our customers and we have bridged the gap between our Smart TV leadership and advanced gaming software to create an easier way for people to enjoy the games they love, faster," said Won-Jin Lee, corporate president at Samsung Electronics.

"We developed the Samsung Gaming Hub with our incredible content partners to benefit all gamers, and we plan to continue our collaboration to grow the ecosystem."

The Samsung Gaming Hub will launch globally later this year.

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