The next Pac-Man game is skipping the arcade and headed to casinos

Pac-Man Battle Casino is a competitive, bet-powered arcade game that creator Gamblit Gaming hopes will attract millennials to casinos.

While companies like Nintendo and Atari have found more living room friendly ways to cash in on millennial nostalgia, slot machine manufacturer Gamblit Gaming is hoping to use fond video game memories as a way to attract younger folks (of legal gambling age) to casinos.

That’s the idea behind Pac-Man Battle Casino, an upcoming gambling machine both developed and manufactured by Gamblit through a partnership with Bandai Namco. The game itself is loosely based on the arcade game Pac-Man Battle Royale and will pit two to four better players against one another to win the pot.

The company already has plans for other video-game inspired gambling machines such as a casino spin on the mobile game Cut the Rope and a spiritual successor to Road Rage called Road Redemption due out alongside Pac-Man Battle Casino in 2018. Those and the company's existing Doodle Jump machines aim to prove that the appeal of video games can be translated into the gambling industry. 

Meanwhile, Pac-Man Battle Casino isn’t the only recently announced casino feature to use video games as a lure for cash wagers. Just this week the cruise company Carnival announced a mobile casino game that would accept real-money wagers once a cruise reached international waters.

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