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The First Annual Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise Modding Contest!

The First Annual Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise Modding Contest! As the gaming industry sheds market cap and jobs faster than Jeff Gordon & Dale Earndheart Jr. competing for pole position @ Daytona, now is the time for new tech!

Dr. Elliot McGucken, Blogger

July 12, 2009

19 Min Read

Welcome to the First Annual 45SURF.COM Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise Modding Contest!


Submit mods to [email protected] !

We would like to celebrate the newfound technologies and Great Books Gaming Renaissance by inviting the major gaming companies, as well as all smaller studios and indie developers, to enter their best mods incorporating the novel Gold 45 Revolver technologies.  The winners will receive a license to the billion-dollar technology, as long as they adhere to the tenets of classical, epic art.

There is a vast and rising demand to wield the Gold 45 Revolver in the soulless, dumbed-down, boring, morally vapid gameworlds, and shoot Zeus's lightning as the swarms of zombie/vampire/fanboys descend, shrieking the fiatocracy's slogans and raging against the universe's moral premise. The nimble, entrepreneurial companies who serve this demand for the Gold 45 shall reap billions, while those who serve the corporate arrogance will fade away, as Fallout becomes like playing Combat on a 1981 Atari system. And I do not mean to slight Combat, as at least it was an even fight, and you couldn't just go around killing unarmed women.

As the gaming industry sheds market cap and jobs faster than Jeff Gordon & Dale Earndheart Jr. competing for pole position @ Daytona, *now* is the time to embrace and exalt these new techologies! The floogates of revenue, jobs, and opportunity will open, as gamers gravitate towards the new, exalted, epic games endowed with story, character, romance, meaning, and soul all unified by a moral premise.


What we have here is a case of epic arrogance, wherein instead of reading the Great Books and creatively leading an exalted artistic renaissance, the fiatocracy's finest feminized MBA fanboys would rather debauch the culture and currency (as it is easier to cerate debt than wealth--it is easier to descend to hell, Virgil reminds us, than find our way back up).  Instead of serving the higher ideals, tehy would rather serve teh bottom line (art's death-knell), and thus shed thousands of jobs and billions in market cap by hyping yester-year's technologies, rather than exalting the classical reanissance that is so in demand, as the rising generation is reaching out for the Gold 45 Revolver which fires Zeus's lightning in proportion to the honor in one's soul.  The conservative, corporate MBA fanboys would rather send armies of fanboy clones forth to kill unarmed women and squelch art, love, and innovation, forcing yesterday's hooker-killing technologies on the rising rebels, who are yearning for the immortal soul and epic poetry in their games, art, and culture--for their natural right to know and wield Zeus's lightning and Moses' thunder.

And thus opportunity abounds!  In the hands of creative individuals and modding teams, the novel "Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise" technologies will exalt a new era of gaming wherein games are endowed with deeper character, meaning, and profundity, as well as classical aspects of art.


As there are so many gaming companies out there, and so much MBA hype, it will be hard to tell who "gets" the technology without first seeing a mod from the company/studio.  It is hard to tell who has really read and understood the patents, as well as the Great Books and Classics they reference, and who is just playing around and saying they "get it" in pursuit of mere profit.  I mean one can say they are doing a "Dante's Inferno" game, and all is well and good, but then suddenly some MBA/fanboy magic goes down in a committee meeting, and the incorruptible Beatrice--the center and circumference of exaltation in Dante's poem--finds herself in hell.  Oops!  And after the fanboyization of the world, there are no rugged men in the corporation to stand up for her and defend her immortal soul.  Now taht would be a game in its own right!  And Dante the poet-warrior becomes a buff warrior swinging death's scythe.  And that is why we want to first see mods incorporating the novel Gold 45 Revolver technology, before we license it to the victors of the modding contest.

The guidelines are fairly general, so  please have fun exalting the novel technologies in your mods!  Some ideas for mods are illustrated just below these descriptions of the Gold 45 patents/technologies.

System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences United States Patent Application 20090017886


Morality system and method for video game: system and method for creating story, deeper meaning and emotions, enhanced characters and AI, and dramatic art in video games United States Patent Application 20070087798


And just now, the gaming community is catching on--exalted morality and classical ideals are the key to the next-gen:



O my prophetic soul! --Hamlet

"Morality system and method for video game: system and method for creating story, deeper meaning and emotions, enhanced characters and AI, and dramatic art in video games United States Patent Application 20070087798 Kind Code:A1
Abstract:A video game and game system incorporating a game character's morality level that is affected by game occurrences such as moral, amoral, or immoral choices in an epic story's deeper context. The character's morality level affects the game's environment. Such a feedback system based on moral premises provides an efficient means to enhance and deepen game play, as a sensible, realistic, meaningful, profound, and epic story naturally emerges. The measurement of moral choices will allow a player's soul to be rendered upon the screen in cinematic action paralleling internal dramatic action, thus providing the dramatic elements of classic literature and film. The presentation of moral choices in the game, based upon moral premises, will allow plot points that result in character arcs, romantic relationships, exalted game play, and epic story. Moral choices will lead to overall success, while immoral or amoral choices will lead to overall failure. "

System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences United States Patent Application 20090017886 Kind Code:A1
Abstract:A video game method and system for creating games where ideas have consequences, incorporating branching paths that correspond to a player's choices, wherein paths correspond to decisions founded upon ideals, resulting in exalted games with deeper soul and story, enhanced characters and meanings, and exalted gameplay. The classical hero's journey may be rendered, as the journey hinges on choices pivoting on classical ideals. Ideas that are rendered in word and deed will have consequences in the gameworld. Historical events such as The American Revolution may be brought to life, as players listen to famous speeches and choose sides. As great works of literature and dramatic art center around characters rendering ideals real, both internally and externally, in word and deed, in love and war, the present invention will afford video games that exalt the classical soul, as well as the great books, classics, and epic films—past, present, and future.

I hope you find them entertaining and enjoyable reads!

Here are some mod concepts/ideas--they are only suggestions--feel free to take the technologies to new heights:

"The Novel "Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/ Moral Premise" Game Technologies Will Be Worth Billions of Dollars" to the agile, entrepreneurial companies who first adopt them.  These simple innovations and technologies, which can easily be layered ontop of existing game engines, will have far-ranging raminifcations across the industry, exalting games with profundity, soul, meaning, and epic storytelling.

 Imagine you are standing in Best Buy. There are two versions of Gears of War. In one, the Locust Horde can be reformed and brought over to your side by quoting excerpts from the US Constitution--by engaging in dialogue--and where, in order to win, you are going to need to win their minds/hearts and souls. In the other version, you can only shoot them in campaign after campaign. Which would you buy? Imagine you walk into EB Games, and you have to decide between two versions of GTA. In one, you can only hire and shoot hookers--there is no chance of reforming them nor talking them out of it. In the "Gold 45 Revolver" version of GTA, you can engage in dialogue with the Hooker and hand her copies of the Constitution and Bible, as well as Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, and thus enlist her in your struggle against the fiatocracy, the decline of freedom, and the growth of the corporate-state. She in turn would hand those works to her Pimp who would join you. Which version of GTA would you buy? Obviously the one wired with the novel technology found in "System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences." --http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20090017886

 Already the novel Gold 45 Revolver technology is solving epic, glaring design problems/flaws in games such as Fallout 3, and it is accomplishing this in an elegant, simple manner which will also exalt the gameplay in numerous games and genres, make gaming more fun, and increase both the audience and marketability of the games which adopt the novel technology--it will also be worth tens of millions in generating cool, positive buzz.:

"Self-censorship was the least effective course of action open to Bethesda if they are looking to morally instruct their players. Why not take the route less traveled and try to implement some meaningful consequence, something beyond an essentially meaningless "karma" stat? (YES!! THE KARMA IS MEANINGLESS! WHY NOT INCORPORATE A GOLD 45 REVOLVER WHICH ONLY SHOOTS ZEUS'S LIGHTNING IN THE END IF YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THE RIGHT, MORAL THING THROUGHOUT?)"
read more @ http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=20908

As you can see, the simple, elegant solution would be worth billions!  And it could be applied to all RPGs and FPSs!   Such a novel weapon would be worth tens of millions in gameplay enjoyment, and tens of millions more in publicity. *Everyone* is going to want to get their hands on that Gold 45 when it comes out, and *every* game is gonna want to have one.

Where in the prior art can one form a fellowship based upon the ideas/ideals/characters of the NPC’s? In what game does the eventual outcome depend on the character and integrity—the ideals and beliefs—of the fellowship one forms? Re: How much would it be worth to Bethesda/EA/38 Studios/Visceral/Bioware/Ubisoft?

How much would it be worth to put the following on a game box? "It is the dawn of the American Revolution, and it is up to you to build the fellowship that will lead the epic battle for freedom. From tavern to tavern you must walk the streets of Boston, listening in on conversations and recruiting those speaking (and oft whispering) of liberty's epic ideals. Redcoats and King George's spies abound, and when you hear the words of Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Madison, Jay, and Hamilton, you must engage the characters by speaking of liberty's ideals yourself; or lose their trust. Throughout you must select the best words to rally and inspire the troops during the fierce war for freedom--to attract the poet warriors with the greatest characters to fight alongside you. Ideas have consequences and word must be matched with deed, as freedom's fate falls upon your shoulders. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. --Thomas Jefferson""

I argue that such a novel approach to gaming--not only incorporating the words of the actual Founding Fathers--but rendering their consequences (or the dire consequences of their absence)--would be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions.

And wouldn't that be an awesome game??? Imagine meeting Jefferson and Hamilton, finally defined by their greater aspects--their souls, characters, and words--and actually recruiting Washington to command the forces, based upon his words!

"A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends." --George Washington
"Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness." --George Washington
"Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company." --George Washington

Yes--of course we could give all the revolutionary soldiers BFGs and Lancer Chainsaws to satiate the fanboys; but the big draw of the game would be its depth and profundity! And imagine that in one of the Taverns is a hooker with a heart of gold. Hire her and kill her, as is exalted in GTA, and the world is lost. Talk to her, and "lady liberty" will tell you where you can find Thomas Paine.

Video games are a crowded art, and many argue there has been little innovation in the past several years (or decades), especially when it comes to depth, meaningful drama, and storytelling. Of course all the PR departments stamp "depth, character, meaningful drama, and epic storytelling!" on the boxes, just as they stamp "Dante's Inferno" on the game which places Beatrice in the diametric opposite locale that Dante did, robbing it of its classical soul and Dante's exalted intent; and nothing really ever changes as the fiatocracy declines, as "Story, drama, character" are payed homage to in corporate press releases, but never in rugged deed.

A small innovation in a field of "crowded art" can go a long, long ways. For instance, applying the patent's same technology to the traditional Vampire/Zombie game would result in the following enhanced gaming experience:

The "Gold 45 Revolver" mod of Left for Dead would be described with (seriously--the buzz alone on this would be worth millions to EA/Bethesda/Bioware/Visceral/Ubisoft/38studios):

This "Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise" Mod is based on the L4D Amazon.com description, and it could be easily implemented with a relatively small amount of funding: “Set in a modern day survival-horror universe, the co-operative gameplay of Left 4 Dead (L4D) casts four "Survivors/freedom fighters" in an epic struggle against hordes of swarming zombies/communists and terrifying "Marx Infected" mutants. A new and highly virulent strain of the Marxist virus emerges and spreads through the human population with frightening speed via words, both spoken and written. The pandemic's victims become grotesquely disfigured, violent psychopaths, attacking the uninfected on sight by handing them pamphlets and espousing Marxist philosophies while trying to bite/harm them. As one of the "lucky" few apparently immune to the sickness, as you have been reading F.A. Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises, and Thomas Jefferson, you, unfortunately, are trapped in a city crawling with thousands of the bloodthirsty Infected. Alone, you're dead. But together with a handful of fellow survivors, who you can identify and recruit via dialogue trees incorporating Hayek/Jefferson/the Constitution wherein you also assess the NPC's responses, you might just form a fellowship and fight your way to safety. Players can play as a Survivor or as one of four types of Boss/Marxist Infected, each of whom possess a unique mutant ability, such as a 50-foot tongue lasso, tenure at an ivy league university, an MBA, or a giant belly full of explosive methane gas. The gameplay of L4D is set across four massive campaigns. The zombie population of each mission is choreographed by an AI Director that monitors the human players' actions and creates a unique and dramatic experience for them on the fly. Zombies may be transformed back into humans by quoting Hayek/Jefferson/et al. to them; but the further they have devolved--the more collectivist literature they have imbibed and the more MBA groupthink classes they have taken--the harder it is to save them. Early on in the game, some Vampire/Zombies may appear to be normal humans, and the only way to find out would be to quote Hayek to them and see if they respond with Lenin or Mises. Some of them can be reformed via dialogue, but for others, they can only be reformed by death. And in the end--only those players who have done their best to reform the Vampires/Zombies in word and deed--only those who have acted morally throughout the game, can truly wield the Gold 45 Revolver and realize its true power as it shoots Zeus's Lightning while leveling the zombie masters and their hordes. Should you fail to reach and exalt your peers with classical ideals, the world will end as a zombie communist tyranny--"for the greater good of all.""

Imagine how many millions would want to play such novel game types wherein *ideas had consequences*, and soul, character, and honor mattered! Litertaure including 1984, Animal Farm, A Brave New World, V is for Vendetta, The Matrix, Twilight, Atlas Shrugged, Dracula, and 300 could all be brought to life on a more profound level!

 The "Ideas Have Consequences" Zombie/Vampire game engine is novel in that the Zombie/Vampire virus/quality is transmitted via ideas in the game--both spoken and written--as opposed to only via physical contact, such as being bitten/attacked/etc.

Imagine the possibilities with that novel game engine/concept in the hands of creative developers!! A thousand, thousand novel Zombie/Vampire games could be created, and epic literature could be brought to life, including 1984/Brave New World/The Road to Serfdom/etc, as well ad the American and Communist Revolutions! This would mean tens of millions of $$$ and an epic renaissance in the now staid vampire/zombie format. And it would be easy to do--just a couple books/words/ideas introduced into L4D, for starters, would be epic! Of course we would still include all the physical gameplay--biting/shooting/baseball bats/etc.--but we would layer it on top of classical, exalted ideas and ideals.

Art has ever been the realm where the noble soul could place their ideals which the world had no use for; and the novel game engine described by this new technology; opposed vehemently by the dominant fanboy/feminist fiatocracy—would foster a new realm of exalted gaming for true artsists—both those who created new games and played them.

The major videogames companies are leaving billions on the table!
[0388]This present invention pertains to introducing morality and epic storytelling into the realm of video games, resulting in video games with superior, deeper game play, expanded markets, and longer-lasting brands. The ability to render deeper emotion, story, and exalted dramatic arts within the realm of video games has been a long sought-after "holy grail" throughout the video game industry. The prior art demonstrates how others have failed and are failing to deliver more meaningful and engaging games endowed with epic storytelling. This present invention provides the missing key to realizing epic storytelling, deeper emotional involvement, and higher art in video games.

[0445]To date, no game allows one to fight for the US Constitution and a sound currency. No game allows one to fight for the Founding Father's original intent--for life, liberty, and happiness for all. No game allows one to fight for economic freedom beyond the fiat system that robs us all via the inflation tax. No game allows the player to quote Hayek, Mises, Rothbard, Jefferson, Hazlitt, Jesus, Socrtes, and Moses in dialogue trees, nor via other means, en route to winning the hearts and minds of their people, rounding up and inspiring a group of rebel, and leading those rugged rebels in a battle founded upon ideas. No game allows one to fight Big Brother and ensure greater Civil Liberties and Personal Freedom. And certainly, no game allows the player to fight to implement the Constitutional Gold Standard, nor to take on the divorce regime, nor to protect the unborn. [0446]The present invention would allow the themes of V is for Vendetta, Atlas Shrugged, and The Fountainhead to be brought to life, as well as Orwell's 1984, which resembles the modern university. The plot of 1984 could be enhanced, and hope could be allowed for Winston Smith. Suppose that Winston was successful in speaking with and recruiting enough people for a revolt. If he was too upfront with his ideas, he might be put to death. If he was too coy, he would never reach them. If he was too persistent, he could offend some people. If he gave up too soon, he might lose loyal followers. At any rate, it would make a great and unique game, as Winston Smith went up against Big Brother. --http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20090017886

And here are the books that will help inform and inspire all the greatest Gold 45 Revolver mods!

Opening Books (staple of every class):
The Battle for The Soul of Capitalism, John C. Bogle
The Odyssey, Homer (Homer and Bogle are read in tandem)
The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell
Dante’s Inferno (we read the love story as a video game, and now Electronics Arts is making a major video game based on it!)

Socrates’ Apology, Plato
Plato’s Republic (particularly Book VII & The Parable of The Cave)
Aristotle’s Poetics

The American Founding:
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography
(quotes from the Founding Fathers pervade all lectures—with today’s wikiquote/internet, there is no shortage of classical wisdom for every topic)

The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith
The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith
The Road to Serfdom, F.A. Hayek
Classical Economics, Thomas Sowell
The Theory of Money and Credit, Ludwig von Mises

Exodus (KJV)
The Book of Matthew (KJV)

Hamlet, Shakespeare
Moby Dick, Herman Melville
Paradise Lost, Milton
The Iliad, Homer
Virgil’s Aneid (Jefferson wrote in his later years, “they all fall away, one by one, until one is left with Virgil and Homer, and perhaps Homer alone. Ludwig Von Mises adopted a quote from Virgil as his lifelong motto: Tu Ne Cede Malis, Sed Contra Audentior Ito: Do not yield to misfortunes, but advance more boldly to meet them.)

All these books are informing the epic text "THE GOLD 45 REVOLVER: THE 45SURF HERO'S JOURNEY IN ARTS ENTREPRENEURSHIP & TECHNOLOGY"--the mythological roadmap to reaping billions of dollars in tomorrow's videogames, while exalting a cultural renaissance.

Good luck with those mods!


Dr. E :)

Submit mods to [email protected] !


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