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Techland adds premium currency to Dying Light 2 "to make our lives easier"

With its new currency plans for Dying Light 2, Techland wants players to remain in the game itself and earn more revenue from cosmetic sales.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

September 11, 2023

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Key art for Techland's Dying Light 2 of a Survivor kicking a zombie out of a building.

Nearly two years after release, Dying Light 2 now has premium in-game currency by the name of DL Points. Introduced in the game's most recent update, Techland said players can use the points to buy skin bundles "at a better price and without leaving the game."

The original Dying Light also featured microtransactions, but that was through a system's specific storefront, where its owner (like Sony or Valve) may receive a cut of the revenue. In its FAQ for the DL points, Techland was frank in saying switching to the currency full-time "makes our lives easier." 

Beyond having players buy in-game items without leaving Dying Light 2, the developer pointed out it won't have to create bundles for stores anymore.

Presently, players can spend real-world money to buy DL Point bundles (like 1100 points for $10, or 2300 for $20) on PlayStation and Xbox stores. But Techland says the PlayStation Store will remove those bundles once the DL Points go completely into effect.

Earlier in the summer, tech giant Tencent acquired a majority stock into Techland. When asked about if there's any connection between the DL points and its new status as a Tencent subsidiary, Techland said the events "[aren't] connected at all." 

"For Dying Light 2, we were thinking about building a flow where you can buy bundles in-game from the start. However, the implementation required production time, which is why we are doing it only now."

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