Roblox CEO will earn over $230 million by 2028 if share prices rocket

The CEO will need to raise share prices to $375 to receive that amount.

Roblox founder and CEO David Baszucki could earn well over $200 million over the next five-years if the company hits certain stock price performance targets.

That's according to a regulatory filing spotted by Reuters, which reveals Baszucki has been handed a long-term performance award valued at $232.2 million.

The performance award will be the "exclusive direct compensation" Baszucki will receive through 2027, and he will only receive the award if Robox shares surpass certain stock price hurdles ranging from $165 to $375.

For context, Baszucki earned $6.8 million in 2020, so the performance award represents a significant increase on that figure, even when spread across multiple years.

It's worth noting that if Roblox stock doesn't surpass $165 for a consecutive 90-day period before March 2, 2028, then Baszucki will receive no compensation.

"Mr. Baszucki was particularly receptive to receiving the Founder and CEO Long-Term Performance Award as he believes that he should be rewarded only if significant long-term outperformance is delivered," reads the filing.

"The Founder and CEO Long-Term Performance Award was a welcome commitment from the LDCC and a show of faith in his abilities to lead Roblox into the future."

The news comes shortly after Roblox's waning growth began to worry investors, with shares tumbling in February after the company's Q4 report highlighted a slowdown in net bookings growth across 2021.

It also arrives a few months after Roblox was criticized for allegedly taking advantage of young creators by implementing an exploitative business model.

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