Report: Devs let down by poor sales on the Apple TV App Store

Word is starting to spread that some developers are seeing disappointing revenue of less than $100/day from what seem to be top-charting "successful" apps on the new Apple TV App Store.

Word is starting to spread that some developers responsible for top-charting games and apps on the iOS App Store are seeing less than stellar revenue from what seem to be "successful" apps on the new Apple TV App Store.

That's according to TouchArcade editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp, who published an editorial yesterday about the state and potential future of developers launching apps for the revamped Apple TV that launched late in October with its own App Store.

"I've been talking to many different developers who have released games or apps on the device, and the general vibe is that if things don't turn around following Christmas, Apple is going to have a real problem on their hands," writes Hodapp. "'Successful' apps are making $100 a day on a good day, with revenue continuing to trail off since launch."

Though Hodapp's perspective is based on anecdotal reports, mobile game makers may appreciate hearing how some of their compatriots are faring in this new marketplace. 

When Apple debuted the game-ready Apple TV in September many game developers seemed cautiously optimistic about making (or porting) games for the device, though Apple later constrained their efforts by (among other things) forbidding developers from making Apple TV games that require a controller to play.

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