PSA: Twitch may have been hacked, so change your passwords

Heads up, game devs: Twitch thinks hackers may have breached its security, so it has reset all passwords and stream keys while disconnecting its users' YouTube and Twitter integrations.

Heads up, game devs: Twitch claims hackers may have breached its servers, so the company has reset all passwords and stream keys while decoupling Twitch accounts from Twitter and YouTube. 

If you have a Twitch account, now would be an opportune time to update your account information (including the stream key used by your broadcasting software) and reset your password on Twitch and any other service for which you employed a similar password.

You'll likely be in good company -- Twitch surpassed 100 million unique monthly viewers and 1.5 million unique monthly broadcasters in 2014, the same year that it debuted a dedicated game development section.

The Twitch blog post linked above has some decent advice on creating strong passwords, and developer John Seggerson wrote a blog post about general account security last year that's worth checking out. 

This is also a good opportunity to enable two-factor authentication on as many of your accounts as possible, and you can find links to do so across many popular websites and services over at TwoFactorAuth. Regrettably, Twitch does not support two-factor authentication at this time.

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