PlayStation VR: Sony showed lots and lots of games today

The PlayStation VR headset will launch in the front half of next year, and at the PlayStation Experience event today in San Francisco, the company brought out everything it could, and fired it at the audience.

Nobody would have expected it a few years ago, but Sony is the company to first present a slate of VR games to consumers -- today's PlayStation Experience keynote featured a lengthy VR segment, with a live demo from its head of research, Dr. Richard Marks, new game announcements, and a host of existing game titles.

The PlayStation VR headset will launch in the front half of next year, and it was up to Sony today to make the case to consumers that it'll be worth it -- especially given its price tag (about the same as a new console.) To that end, the company brought out everything it could and fired it at the audience.

Of all the VR games on show, three made the biggest impression: Ubisoft's Eagle Flight marks the triple-A publisher's first foray into VR, and you can read more about it here; 100ft Robot Golf mashes up anime, the sports game genre, and robot-fighting; and Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, an entirely new VR title separate to Psychonauts 2, which the developer announced just days ago.

You can watch the trailers for those three games below:

Other highlights include Rez Infinite -- an HD, VR-powered remake of the 2011 classic -- Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives, Golem, and Ace Combat 7, which were all shown on video (the videos are linked.)

The company also splashed up logos of other games during its stage show, including The Classroom Acquatic, EVE Valkyrie, The Playroom VR, The London Heist, Kitchen, Headmaster, Battle Zone, World War Toons, Eclipse, Megaton Rainfall, and Harmonix Music VR. Those weren't the only titles, either, and we expect further announcements in the coming months.

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