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Omdia Analysis: What are the most popular gaming-related apps among consumers?

Omdia Analyst Dom Tait looks at what apps users are using the most while they play video games.

Dom Tait

October 21, 2021

1 Min Read

Datapoint of the Week is a recurring Game Developer series made possible by our sibling company and global research leader Omdia.

Where best to direct your marketing efforts for a game? Omdia’s huge consumer survey can answer this among multiple other key questions about consumer behaviour.

Twitch is comfortably the most popular gaming app, according to Omdia’s half-yearly survey of almost 20,000 gamers across the world. 

The survey also reveals that Twitch users are slowly gravitating away from the use of laptops and desktops as their primary access point, and towards smart TV access points instead.


For more data on what apps consumers are using in conjunction with their game-playing, you can find more info here

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