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Mooncat Games is a new publishing label hoping to spotlight the smallest subgenres

The company said it wants to provide small teams with an "optimistic" foundation.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

June 28, 2023

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The team behind video game marketing company Player Two PR have formed a publishing label called Mooncat Games.

Mooncat intends to provide small teams with the support needed to realize their dream projects, and will offer assistance with everything from PR and marketing to localization and storefront management.

"The most important thing to us is to treat every developer team and their game as a unique project," reads a post on the Mooncat website.

"We offer highly tailored and personalized services to developers, moulding traditional marketing and branding services to create a groundwork, and branching out into new uncharted territories to create innovative campaigns that can break through barriers and shine a spotlight even into the smallest of subgenres."

Shoot for the moon

The Player Two team were inspired to create Mooncat after a series of conversations with developers during the COVID-19 pandemic let to the realization that smaller teams were struggling to build agency-client relationships.

"We came into contact with developer teams we dearly wanted to work with, but whose size and budget just couldn’t support an agency-client relationship," the Mooncat team explains. "Our team began to offer additional services and profit-sharing agreements, just to make it possible to help excellent teams make lovely games. Before we knew it, we had signed three gorgeous indie titles, and Mooncat Games was born."

That trifecta of debut titles includes Remnants of the Rift, The Garden Path, and A Long Journey to an Uncertain End. The former is currently available through Early Access, while the latter two projects are slated to launch later this year.

Moving forward, Mooncat said it wants to provide even more small teams with a "friendly, helpful, hardworking, and optimistic foundation that allows independent game developers to focus on what really matters: the games, the stories, and the people behind them."

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